Bee Pollen: The Secret Super Powers That You Never Knew About (Until Now)

Bee Pollen: The Secret Super Powers That You Never Knew About (Until Now)

You know that pesky, springtime nemesis that sticks to your car's windshield and makes you sneeze—AKA: pollen? Alright, alright, so it might not be your favorite bee invention yet (We get it—hay fever is not a strong selling point), but keep reading, and you'll be down to add a sprinkle of bee pollen to all your favorites (including your smoothie bowl). If you don't believe us, just take a look at history. The use of bee pollen has been recorded on medical records dating back to 2735 BCE. Luminaries and celebrities alike have lauded the ingredient for its nutraceutical qualities. In fact, getting a daily serving is the only ritual that Hippocrates, Gold Medal Olympic athletes, and Victoria Beckham all share in common.

What even is pollen?

You'll be seeing pollen on the daily pretty soon, but do you actually know what it is? This powder-like substance carries the male reproductive cells of seed plants. Bees collect golden pollen and carry it back to the hive, mix it with other enzymes, and create their primary food source: bee bread. Without pollen, honeybees wouldn't have the essential proteins they need to stay alive. And it's not just good for them, it's super nutritious for you too! Keep reading to learn all the superfood powers of bee pollen that you don't want to pass on.

It boosts your immunity

It might seem counterintuitive that this allergen actually protects your immune system, but it does. A 2008 study conducted in Japan studied how bee pollen interacted with mast cells—which play a huge part in many allergic diseases. Scientists found that bee pollen possesses an anti-allergenic that actually hinders the activation of these cells during early and late phases of allergic reactions.

It's a major stress-buster

Stress eating is never a good idea (#beenthere), so if you're jonesing for a natural way to quell your anxiety, look no further than bee pollen. This superfood stimulates blood flow to your nervous tissues, boosting your brain power and overall nervous system.

It protects your liver against toxicity

The anti-inflammatory quality of bee pollen also makes it a killer tool for keeping your liver in tip-top shape. A 2013 study examined the benefits of consuming two different types of pollen in rats with induced liver damage. Both treatments reversed liver damage in the little guys.

It revs up your metabolism

Each grian of pollen packs the significant ability to regulate both hormones and metabolism. The superfood contains amino acids that dissolve fat cells in the body and heighten metabolic activity. So enjoy your daily teaspoon right before or right after a workout to keep your digestion and energy on track for the whole day.
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