Propolis Is Pretty Much Nature's Bee-osporin

Propolis Is Pretty Much Nature's Bee-osporin

Why take a trip to the regular pharmacy when you can visit the beegan pharmacy? Bee products are so healing and effective, they totally deserve a few spots in your medicine cabinet. Especially propolis, which is kind of like nature's all-purpose healer.      A little memory booster on propolis: Propolis is a healing resin collected from plant matter and used by bees to line their hive walls. There, it acts as an unstoppable barrier against foreign invaders like bacteria, fungus, microbes, and viruses. And yes, we regularly refer to it as the immune system of the hive—because seriously, it is.                      If you’re a fan of our Propolis Throat Spray, you’re probably already aware of how effectively propolis thwarts infections and boosts the body’s overall resilience. But did you know that that power actually applies to topical ailments, too? Yep, propolis is pretty much a natural version of that antibiotic ointment we all grew up with, minus the not-so healing petroleum base—yuck! Here are a handful of powerful ways that propolis supports topical healing…                   

Propolis is almost superhuman in burn healing.

Burn wounds are no match for propolis. Not only is propolis known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, but it is also said to be powerfully regenerative. According to research, like this review published in BMC: Burns and Trauma, propolis has the ability to drastically speed up the skin’s healing process. We're talking literally regenerating skin cells! So next time you get scorched by the biscuit pan, spritz on a little propolis for a some antibacterial and skin regenerative support!       

It helps to heal up boo-boos, too.  

For your average scraped up knee, propolis makes the perfect companion to the new box of ninja bandages in your first aid kit. Historically, ancient Greeks and Egyptians used propolis as an antiseptic for wounds, long before modern antibacterials hit the market. Modern day studies have shown that propolis indeed does have antiseptic properties when applied to wounds—and it even speeds up the healing process! By spraying propolis on a scrape or small cut, it can actually help fight off infections—much in the same way it does in the hive. Just pop a fun bandage on and you're good to go!     

It even works as a killer anti-fungal.    

In the warm and dark hive, propolis is crucial for protecting from fungal infections. Good news for us, it appears to function similarly in the human body. Studies on candida overgrowth have shown that propolis is an exceptional destroyer of yeast cells. Plus, it doesn't come with all the unpleasant side effects that usually accompany non-natural pharmaceutical anti-fungals.  Propolis has so many incredible medicinal uses. That's why we always keep some propolis on hand—in our kitchens, on our bedside tables, and in our first-aid kits. Propolis can do wonders for boosting your body’s natural resilience—both inside and out.          
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